Project/Mixconsole Anomaly. [Resolved]

I’m pretty sure this has been mentioned a long time ago, but why on earth is the Record button on the left and the Monitor on the right on the Project window, but the other way around on the Mixconsole??

Makes no sense. I can see no valid reason whatsoever for this.


Project screen:
Mixconsole screen:

While we’re on that topic solo/mute are around the wrong way in the mixconsole view too. Illogical and frustrating when using a control surface.

I might be totally wrong on this ( please excuse the old man :frowning: ) but I remember being able to arrange the show/visibility controls at least in the project window channels…
Track control settings ???

Well, old man, you are absolutely correct. I had no idea that that was possible.

You have to ‘Ungroup’ Record Enable and Monitor, and then the order can be changed.

Great stuff.

Many thanks.