Project/Mixer/colors/track type organisation/workflow

Hello everyone.
I just upgraded to N5 and updated it.I then opened project from N4 for a test drive.
The thing that immediately caught my attention - i was unable to navigate through the mixer since different colors for Audio tracks,Fx channels and Group tracks were all gone.
I have just spent 2 hours on this forum but was unable to find a clear solution so i wonder if someone could help a bit…
I’ve also learned that in N5 i can use Color for similar / or similar selected tracks.Fine.
But if i want to color 12 of my Fx channels which were moved arround in mixer and 12 of my group channels which were also moved arround that can get very time consuming.
The solution for me would be for Steinberg to implement coloring of all tracks inside folder or “really” split the track types.Fx / Group / Folder - aren’t exactly similar in my opinion.

I know it’s probably been mentioned a million times but it’s really important for my workflow.

So how do you guys handle this?

Thank you all and very best regards

I set up templates for various tasks or shows with the colors and routing already set up…

if I need another SFX or dialog track just for example, I select one of the existing SFX tracks and duplicate it. then remove any audio regions or existing automation from that track. The colors and routing are maintained.

here’s an example

And if this hasn’t been mentioned 1000 times, I’ll mention it again. Could we please have the option to duplicate a track without audio regions or existing automation? SB, please see PT for an example of how to do this correctly. It’s a workflow PITA to be constantly removing regions and automation when all you want is a clean track with identical routing.


I agree with Jason


Regarding the track colorization options, Colorize Similar/Colorize Selected Similar, there is (my) bug in there that means groups/returns/and some other tracks classes are all regarded as the same type.

This is fixed here at Hamburg and will arrive with you in a upcoming version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

That is great news.Thank you.