Project name in parts

Can anyone advise me how to display the project name in other pages of parts? The project name appears only on the first page of the part.
Thank you!

You can add the token {@projectName@} to any text frame.

If you want the project name to appear at the same place on all (or many) pages you’ll need to edit your master pages. Just in case you need additional help with that, this tutorial on working with master pages might be useful.

Do you mean in the header/footer (small print at the top/bottom of each page, such as page number), or immediately above the title of each Flow?

I mean the title of the song on each side of the parts. Now it’s just on the first page.

Go into the default Default page in the Master Page Editor (right panel of Engrave mode). Then add the {@flowTitle@} to the text frame at the top. If there isn’t a text frame there already you’ll need to add one. Bear in mind you may need to add this to both the left and right variants of the master page.