Project Name in recorded files

Hi guys. Is there anyway to change the naming convention of recorded events. For example:
I have Guitar L and Guitar R. When they are recorded ill get a file name thats Guitar L_01 and Guitar R_01 and so on.
Is there anyway to automatically name the file so it will include the project name? Such as

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I’m not aware of this. You can do this on the Export side only in the Naming Scheme window.

The events get their names from the tracks… If you need to name them, name the tracks accordingly.

Reading between the lines, is the reason you want to do this because you have Audio Files from different Projects in the same folder?

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It happens quite often where I’ve started a project and I haven’t called it anything and files just end up in project folders like Untitled 43 Untitled 44 etc. And yes sometimes theres multiple audio files from different projects in the same folder. Moving forward I do name my projects properly now but it would be nice to have the project name in the recordings for easy searching and sending stems.

The only way around this for me it’s to use the backup project feature which copies just the files needed for the project in a new folder which is fine but then I have to delete the old folders and files once Ive done that. I can also rename the tracks in the pool so it’s not a big deal except when I’m working on a project with like 30+ takes.

Making sure that each Project is in its own unique Folder is key to avoiding problems. For times when I’m just messing around I keep a Folder called Unnamed Sketches and then under that are Project Folders named by the date created (dd-mm-yy) for each sketch. So good you are using dedicated folders going forward.

But that doesn’t help with the old stuff. Backup Project is the correct tool to disentangle the mixed together Projects. Unfortunately it is a brute force task. But you only need to do it once - consider it a learning experience. Also there is no need to delete the old mingled Projects unless diskspace is low. I’d be inclined to hang onto them for awhile, just in case.