Project not linking to files.

On opening a Nuendo 8 project that I worked on a the beginning of last year, Nuendo is not linking back to a whole lot of my Dialogue clips. These are all RX processed clips. When I go look for the files in explorer, they are all there in the edits folder and I can play them all back. But for some reason Nuendo cannot link to them, even when I point to the folder? When I select find missing files, Nuendo shows that it found them, but on my timeline it is just blank clips. When I again select “find missing clips” in my pool, I end up with the same result - pointing to the folder, nuendo reading and finding the clips, but again not linking
I am desperate for any advise pleases! I need to create stems for this project as the client has a sale dependent on the delivery of stems.
I have the same problem with my backup drive as well?


System specs: Windows 10 64bit pro, Intel i7 PC 64gig ram. RME Fireface UC interface.