project not loading!

Hi guys,

Having a strange one with a project not loading, either from initial start up of Cubase (double clicking on the project file), or loading up from the file menu from within Cubase, opened successfully with another project. All seems to be start up until the “loading mixer” status bar, which just stays busy loading before it makes the program crash.

This happens on not only the main project but on the back ups as well, once I change the extension to cpr. This only seems to happen on this one project, not on others. Only thing I can think of that’s changed is that I updated automap to v4.2 for my novation controllers. But have worked on another project created since this one, so not sure why this should be the prob.

I’m not too worried about the mixer, but I would like the arrangement back, so is there any way of loading up the project without the mixer? Any other thoughts?? Append the arrangement to another project??



Try opening it on top of a new blank project choosing not to activate it.

Good plan!! Well I can see the arrangement, so guess the best thing to do would be to cut and paste into an active arrangement and start again with the mixer, yes?!

Thanks for the tip. But any clues as to why this may have happened?


Try trashing Prefs, see sig, and try opening the problem project to see if its a program issue or a project issue.

Have you added anything new lately? It sounds like a license issue. This happened to me too once and I freaked out. The second helpdesk person finally figured it out.