Project not remembering automation Read buttons

Close a cubase project then when i go back to the project, all the R buttons are switched off. Quite a headache when your recording stuff out and realise this has happened.


I got the same issue over here. I used a lot of automation in my song. I save my project. The next day when I load it again the read automation buttons of several tracks are disabled again. Very strange and annoying when you have a lot of automation tracks. For as far as I can see it’s only happening with external plugin automation parameters. Hope this info helps and will be solved soon.


I’m having the same issue. Annoying.

Quick tip for those encountering the same problem:
In order to re-enable automation read for all tracks at once, simply click the green “R” (“Activate/Deactivate Read for all Tracks”) in the header bar or in the automation panel twice.