Project Opening in Two Windows (Simaltaneously)

I’ve been experiencing a bizarre behaviour on one of the projects I’m working on: Dorico somehow decided that it should open it in two windows simultaneously.
Both windows display the entire project, I can edit on any of them and the other one is instantly updated, if I close one I can still work on the other… Is there any reason for this to happen?

Thank you in advance!

In my experience Dorico remembers the number of windows that were open when the project was previously saved. It doesn’t a good job of retaining the sizes and shapes of those windows if the size, shape or number of physical screens has changed, though. Could this explain it? Do you sometimes work with multiple monitors?

Regardless, I think you’ll find that if you close either of the two windows then save, the next time you open the project it’ll only display one window.

I never work with multiple monitors… But what could have happened is that it messed up when I was working in full-screen mode. I have a MacBook laptop, and any cm of screen is useful when working on big orchestral scores, so I do use that functionality a lot! Perhaps something went wrong between Dorico and the way Mac OS handles the full-screen thing.

In any case, it did solve the problem to close one of them, save the project, and restart Dorico.

Thank you! :partying_face:

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