project out of tempo + VST sounds out of tune

Hello everybody,

I have some strange behaviour in Elements v9.x. Coming from working with hardware sequencers, Cubase Elements is my first software seq experience.
The next two very strange things happened the past four months, and I am unable to fix them.

I started with Elements version 9.0, in which I made very few projects. After a very short time, I upgraded to version 9.5. All 3 projects had the correct tempo (BPM) in the transport view, but the real playback temp was much and much slower.Furthermore, all VST parts sounded out of tune (certainly more than 1 octave down).

Today, I upgraded to version 9.5.10 (the maintenance update), and guess what? My latest project that I made in version 9.5 now has a playback tempo which is much faster than the displayed BPM + all VST parts are played back with a much higher tune than the hardware synths.

Can somebody help me out on this one? I assume that I’m missing something basic, but I have no idea at all where to begin.



Check your samplerate, audio interface and project must match.

Peakae, thank you! I would have never found this without your hint. Back in business and still a lot to learn…