Project/Playback Quantized Upon Opening?

I opened up a project this evening that I’ve been working on for a few weeks and all midi was auto quantized on playback. I thought I might have somehow accidentally selected all and quantized everything while trying to save, but I went back through numerous older versions (including backup files) all of which are opening and playing back quantized.

I have been digging around to see if there is some kind of auto-quantize playback setting I’m not aware of. I know I can manually reset the quantize, but I did quite a bit of humanization and some intended quantizing on some sections. Any help solving this without having to manually fix would be greatly appreciated.


In the Transport panel, there is the AQ button, which of orange when enabled. This means Auto Quantize.

@Martin.Jirsak The Auto Quantize is applied on Record, not playback.

@1977 If you open the MIDI parts in the editor, do the MIDI notes appear quantized?


I know. I was thinking the data has been recorded.

Any MIDI Insert in use by any chance?

Yes, I did notice the AQ was enabled which led me to wonder if that potentially applied to playback, but I don’t think that is the case. I also noticed I had a tempo track enabled and thought that might have some type of quantize attached to it. I’m still not sure. It may just be that I had selected all events to shift them (which I have done to add intro parts), and somehow managed to hit the quantize shortcut.

I went back and was able to find an earlier version without the whole project being quantized, so I have to assume I accidentally quantized everything without realizing it. Considering it only takes one press of the Q key without any modifiers to perform the action has me thinking I really need to be more careful. I will probably start reviewing the history menu before saving projects as well. Either way, I appreciate the quick responses here and hope someone learns from my mistake.


Quantize is non-destructive process. You could just reset it.

Absolutely, I ended up resetting it to correct the issue. Unfortunately, that removed some of the humanization quantizing I intentionally performed prior. I don’t suppose there is a quantize history? It seems like the only option is a total reset.


No, there is no quantize history, sorry. Only the reset is available.