Project playing back in wrong octave

I’m doing a vocal arrangement - barbershop harmony, for women’s voices. Women’s barbershop uses two staves – regular treble clef for tenor/lead and bass8va for baritone and bass. I’ve begun entering notes, and I notice that the treble clef is playing back an octave too high.
The bass clef is fine.
I’ve changed the instrument sounds from choir ooh to piano, but otherwise no changes in the playback.
In case this makes a difference – I created the project using the default template for barbershop that comes with Dorico - removed two of the staves and changed the clefs to be the right ones for a women’s barbershop arrangement.
Is there a setting in playback, or something I need to do in setup mode to get this to play back properly?
Carole Prietto

The problem is that the original Tenor instrument of the top staff is defined to play an octave lower, regardless of the clef. There are various ways to solve this; what I recommend is to go into setup mode and change the instrument to Alto or Soprano. You’ll have to change the playback patch back to piano again.

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Thanks, will try that.

Changing the instruments in setup mode did it. Also, in Notation Options, making sure that “respect octave indicator” is checked.