Project portable between IOS / Iphone /Ipad and Android?

Hi, didnt find Info bout that:
I have fellow musician with Android Cubasis 3.4. I work on IOS (Ipad and Iphone.
My fellow says, he cant import the Project on her Android that I shared to her from my Ipad.
She can only extract the tracks out of the Zip-File (I suppose because I freezed them before sharing).
Is that so? Or are we doing something wrong?
Best regards and thank you for Cubasis 3.4!

Hi @whitelight,

Thanks for your message.

Normally, Cubasis projects can be shared between iOS and Android.
Please let me have more details about the Android problem.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,
The problem is after importing the project in to android Cubasis that while the project is being loaded the reference to the waveform seems not to work: The event box for the wave is there and at the right place, but nowhere to be seen, instead it is crossed out.
For all the waves which should have been imported…
That is so for the waves on the track and for the freezed track as well as you might can see in the following picture:

Do you know the reason why the wave file is not accessible? Has it to do something with that she tried to import it directly from OneDrive?
Thanks a lot for your help it is much appreciated!

Hi @whitelight,

Thank you for your message and additional information, which has been shared with the team.

Would it be possible for you, to share the project with us?
If so, please upload the project via Dropbox etc. and let me have the DL via private message.


okay I will talk to my fellow musician if we can do this, but I think so and a PM will follow! Thanks a lot for your support!
Meanwhile: Also a thing which is strange:
When she is importing the project on her android device the imported project is not listed with it’s project name, but it’s called project or project (1) or project (2), but when I re-import it on my ios device it is imported with its current correct project name as it should be… Maybe that’s also a hint at what is going on?

Just as a side note,
Take into account that some AUv3 plugins on iPad may not have versions available on iPhone. So if you are going to use AUv3 plugins across iPads and iPhones, make sure you use plugins that are compatible to both.

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