Project Properties fills up more than entire screen (iPad)

I open the project properties (This has been happening since the .40 update) and it looks like this:

Which makes it impossible for me to add or change anything via this panel.

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I’ve got the same problem. Ipad Pro M1 11”

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Ok, good to know it’s not the smaller screen; I have a 7th gen non-pro.

Can you scroll it up to see the rest of it?

Nope. Haven’t tried with a bluetooth mouse tho

This problem should be resolved in the version 5.1.41 update we released last Monday. Are you definitely running the most recent version?

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I think so. I’ll check.

Thanks Daniel. I’m on and still have this problem :frowning:

The problem is still there on my 11" iPad Pro.

I did somehow managed to shift the whole screen up to reveal the bottom very briefly, but it snaps back before I can press OK; and I’ve no idea what triggers that.

OK, thanks for letting me know. We’ll take a further look.

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Same, just checked.