Project reconstruction/rebuilding with audio and image files


Is there a way of reconstruction or rebuilding a project if your .cpr & .bak files are corrupted but you still have the audio and image files in tact?

Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz RAM 16GB Windows Pro 10 Cubase Elements 11


I’m sorry, this is not possible. The audio files, neither the image files don’t contain the project position information.

So what can I do?

Is there anyone else that can offer me a solution. I have all the audio and all the image files. What can I do with these? Please someone respond. Thank you…


I don’t know, how did the CPR and BAK files become corrupted. Maybe it’s not in the files. Maybe Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences] or [Disable 3rd party plugins] would help,

But as I said. Just from the WAV and image files, there is no way, sorry.