Project Resizing + Timestretching

I was reading CM Magazine earlier, and it’s review of C6, and it mentioned the zplane elastique algorithm being part of Cubase now, but then mentioned that when you use the Project editors “Resizing applies Timestretch” option, that elastique isn’t used…

Now, this got me thinking, I use that function all the time, resizing and timestretching clips, but i’ve no idea which algorithm it uses, and how i’d go about changing it globally.

Anyone know how I do that ?

Its in the prefs

Cool, thanks for that split -

Right found that , thanks, seems to be a few missing (Certainly in C5) or does the realtime algorithmin that basically cover all the ones listed in the audio>Process>Timestretch drop down list ?

I assume in C6, Elastique is listed in the prefs one too ? How does Elastique perform in Cbase anyway ? . Pretty cool stuff!