(Project) root key: why no minor keys

Hello, I searched the manuals and the web, but have not found an explanation. I hope someone can enlighten me. The project and part root key possibilities I welcome very much (I use 11 Pro). But I was surprised that in the dropdowm menu for the project root key no minor keys are listed. Or do we just have to do “the math” to translate from the relative major ourselves? Hopefully this is worth a new topic :slight_smile:

The root key itself has no deeper musical meaning, it just makes it easier to transpose the audio events or MIDI parts into a different key.
If you set the root key to let’s say C, it doesn’t matter whether you mean major or minor. If you want to transpose the piece to say G (major or minor), you have to transpose it up 7 semitones in any case. Cubase does exactly this conversion when you work with the root keys.

To add to what @P.A.T . is saying: the word Key refers to a Piano Keyboard Key, (e.g., Key Editor) not the English word for Tonality.

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Aha. I understand now. Thank you.