Project Sample Rate Conversion

I’m not doing any post stuff at present, so I want to convert a current project from 48khz to 44.1khz.

My hardware has been set back to 44.1.

When the project is launched in N6 it detects the ASIO sample rate as 44.1 and the Project Sample Rate as 48 and asks whether or not I want to Adjust the Settings, so I follow this through and select all the default options. Unfortunately, after this everything plays back out of sync.

The N6 user manual does not make any reference to [Adjust Project Settiings] nor [Allow different Sample Rates] !

During the process, I elect to Keep the source files in the Pool directory. It then converts all of the files.

At the end of the process it asks whether I want to keep the audio files at their sample positions or not. I have tried this both ways but neither produces playback in sync.

It also ask whether or not I want to ‘convert clips in Musical mode’ - I’ve tried this both ways too.

What am I missing?

I did eventually solve this - with no help whatsoever from the N6 user manual!

I tried every combination of the available options and eventually found out that it was necessary to set my hardware back to 48kHz then UN-Freeze all VST Instruments and then save the project and exit the program before resetting the system to 44.1kHz, restarting N6 and going through all of the Sample Rate Adjustment options until I happened upon a combination that worked - that was the day done.

Searching through the PDF user manual (which is not kept up-to-date by Steinberg when updates are released - so all of us have out-of-date manuals) I could find no references at all to any of the options that come up when attempting to change the sample rate of a project when launching the program.

Could somebody from Steinberg please update the user manual with appropriate documentation? - It will be a benefit to you (fewer support calls) and the users (no more stabbing in the dark all day long).

Thanks for updating with your results. Samplerate conversion is something I rarely do so each time I do, it is like starting from scratch. Usually though I work in the original samplerate and convert the final mix if I have that option.


I would normally do that too, but I decided to change my default setting from 48 to 44.1 for a while so tried to change the current project that I had started in 48 - how hard could it be!?