Project Save Times

Has anyone noticed an improvement in C10 with saving projects containing a lot of instrument tracks? Currently a project in 9.5 with around 100 instances of Kontakt takes 10/11 seconds - if this is any better in C10 it would be a big motivation for upgrading!

In my C9.5, it takes longer than 30 seconds to save time but now C10 does not exceed 15 seconds. By the way, how do you get 10 seconds of save time? Do you keep all the instruments on the SSD?

Hmm that seems a pretty decent improvement, thanks for the info.

I keep my libraries on HDD but everything else is on the SSD.

Hmmmm… so far I think I’ve tested it with project with about 150 tracks, but they were not all instances of kontakt. Albeit, I had a good number of Kontakt instances. I did have a lot of instances of ozone and other izotope plugins which can be just as encumbering. And I haven’t had this issue. It will only take me a while to save if I have a lot of processes waiting to finish in the offline process window because it will wait for those processes to finish before saving.

The issue is still one of the biggest problems for me working in Cubase, and I’m pretty sure it causes instability as well, as many of my crashes seem to occur at the auto save point.

As has been mentioned in other threads - disabled sessions save instantly, even with 300 instances of PLAY and Kontakt. Only when tracks are “active” do the save times sky-rocket.

It’d be fantastic if someone could list a series of steps they took to reduce these save times and optimize for Kontakt. “Just use VE Pro” is not an acceptable answer to me anymore. I used to use it, but the workflow improvements to having everything in the same template are just too massive to go back. Should we disable internal FX in Kontakt? Does using multi output setups help, or does it take just as long since we still have the same number of samples loaded?

If you don’t want to disable the majority of your tracks, you could try freezing them instead as a halfway measure. You’ll just need to make sure you draw in a small block of midi on each of the frozen tracks so there’s something to freeze.