Project setup file format always switch to MXF?

I don’t remerber this from other verions of nuendo(11.0.40) . Not sure what is going on with my template every time I open it it switches to MXF record format by default… why is that ? very annoying. I use FLAC.
bug ? advice ?

Hi sgodzillat,

I’ve noticed a few of your posts with similar issues, as far as the computer / Nuendo not remembering settings.

I can tell you, this is likely due to where the setting files are stored, and in the case of a Mac at least, having to repair permissions on those file locations, or changing the permissions.

When I first installed my Nuendo on my Macbook Pro, the places where settings were stored were all locked to Nuendo, so all settings remained “default”, and I also could not save any plug in settings, presets, et al.

I used Onyx for Mac to repair permissions, and then manually went through each file folder where settings are stored, to ensure they were all set to “read / write” for every user in my system from Admin to anyone.

That fixed this annoying issue with settings not being saved the way you set them.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice. Very interesting.
I jkust made sure a template I saved had .flac but it’s back to XMF what ever I do as soon as I load it. I looked at some files on my PC and they are not set as “read only” maybe there’s some other permission I have to look for… on folders above ?
I look at that thanks. But that falc/wmf really only appeared with 10.0.40
I had Pref issues in the past but that has been all good for few years I think.

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So … I change computer, installed W11, installed nuendo…
yup . XMF is always there.

In the end turned out support could reproduce that bug and will do an update to fix it.

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