Project setup for Mac: should I switch to AIFF?

I’m using Cubase Artist 8.5 on my Apple Mac: In the Project Setup Dialog: RECORD FILE TYPE box: should I go ahead and switch to “AIFF Files”??? It seems to be working fine with the Default “WAVE file” selected as the “Record File Type” but…I am indeed using an Apple computer for Cubase! So: should I switch to AIFF?? Will I run into problems later if I don’t use AIFF with my Mac?? Please advise… many thanks! Steve

IMO, you should either switch to Broadcast Wav or leave it as is.

all my projects are set up as aiff/24 bit/48 kHz. I find this to be very accurate when exporting also to aiff for play back on iPhone / iTunes. What you hear in Cubase will be the same in iTunes and iPhone…

I wouldn’t use .aiff

If you’re sending music off to publishers, production companies etc they’ll probably want .wav . Also it’ll make it more straight forward if you’re sharing a project file with someone using a PC.