Project sharing Formats (AAF, MXF, OMF, etc) Are they useful?

Hello folks,

Im just wondering if these file formats that Nuendo supports are useful or relevant. I´ve seen many opinions online, so my question to you is:

Do you use any of these formats? Why are they useful, relevant or beneficial for your work? What kind of projects or production circumstances are they helpful for? What advantages do they allow?

Im talking about: OMF, OpenTL, AES31, MXF, AAF and CMX3600.

Please be as thorough as you like.

We use all of them apart from OpenTL.
AAF exports from Avid MC, mostly containing mxf files.
OMF rarely, the only workingsolution with Adobe PRemiere still. Fortunately PP is rarely seen here.
CMX3600 not well named as it also supports modern formats as file16 & file32. But yes EDLs are still used on every job we do and is also the basis of all reconform a as the picture edit changes.
AES31 for Titan imports and specific odd workflows where we need to do non-regular stuff like having a full duplicate of a location sound confirmed but batch processed with RX or Absentia DX to deal with hums etc. Not a every day thing but saves a LOT of time when needed.
So yes all those formats are used, and if we lost any of them apart from OpenTL they would make our job a lot harder.

We do Feature films and drama TV series.

AAF, OMF and MXF multiple times a week for all the reasons that Erik states.

Thanks guys!

Do you think OMF is old and should be dumped? I saw some such comments in a youtube video some time ago.

OMF is still reliable for transfers from Adobe Premiere which seems to have problems outputting a proper AAF, especially if you are using Protools. So I don’t see it going away any time soon. john

This is a bit beside the topic but I was having issues with importing AAF a few times. As it’s a bit in the past I cannot remember the exact situation but I remember that in Logic and Nuendo, both, when I imported the AAF, it would create tiny regions for the fades. So instead of having fades at the beginning and end of a clip, there were separate regions, and the fades were rendered into that tiny region.

To properly edit this thing I would have to delete all those hundreds of fades, extend the clip on both sides (audio had handles) and make the fades myself. What dumb setting is that and where do you fix it? Is there an import setting? Or was that an export setting? Anybody seen something like this?

Hey Chris,

I think it was because your AAF were coming from Pro Tools, am I right?

Yeah, it is PT, and PT only which adds those likke fade-clips before and after each event.
A leftover from their old code.
Extremely annoying.


Yes, from PT. What’s a better way exporting AAF from ProTools? Not doing it? Other format? Which one?

Is this newer versions of PT though? I know on TDM versions (lower than 10 I believe) fades were rendered into separate files instead of calculated, so…

AFAIK, it’s still happening with the latest versions.


We use AATranslate to handle PT <> Nuendo …
just export the PT session as STEINBERG XML, or as a “propper” AAF (with fades / without fadefiles!)…

all the best for 2018!

We use AATranslate to handle PT <> Nuendo …

Is there any APP to move sessions pro Nuendo to PT in MAC?

No, but it is possible to run AAT under Wine (free) but it’s important to do it right as it is possible to mess things up.
Michael is crazy fast fixing/updating the program. With the drawback that it sometimes is a bit buggy, but as soon as a bug is reported he starts fixing it so in general it’s pretty well functioning.

Thanks! I’ll try, do you find it better than AAF format?

A ProTools issue hijacked the post! XD

Just PT things O_n

Sorry hesca116 :-/

AES31 is helpful for exporting a Nuendo project into a Wavelab Pro audio montage.

Maybe we should start a table. What software exports what format best to work with in other software.

For example:

  • Adobe Premiere exports OMF best and can be well imported into Nuendo

Would be a great bookmark, since I rarely use those software and it would be handy to look up when I come across a customer with Premiere.

Yes! that would be awesome Chris! And a great learning resource too!