PROJECT slowdown cursor

This ones comes from using Reaper :wink: I’d really like to see a cursor/fader/knob that makes it possible to listen to your whole project in slowdown tempo (without altering the project pitch).

Perhaps Track Versions for Tempo track will do it for you?

Thank you Winter, but how do you do tempo track versions ? As far as I can see there aren’t any track versions for Tempo tracks ? thank you!

In C 8.5 Pro like this

Hey thank you that’s really cool, I was looking at the left inspector area like track versions for audio tracks, but this is indeed a great workaround. So will all audio automatically adapt to the tempo changes as well ?


Ok, found it, so I have to set everything to musical moe in Audio Pool, cool :slight_smile:

you’re welcome. :smiley:


I found this post looking for the same.
Its 2022 and Reaper still does this incredibly well.
In Cubase you must select all audio (ctrl+a) and go to audio, advanced, “set definition from tempo”, it will look up for audio events and you press OK. then you´re able to change the tempo of the song.

Hello, yes indeed, and I only use Reaper today, never got used to Cubase

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