Project slowed down (warp)

Opened an old project after several months. The problem is the playback is at 1/2 the stated tempo and the pitches have dropped about an octave. I believe that the term is ‘warp’. I’m not finding a cause for the change. Not really sure what to search for? Is it possible that I hit a switch some place that resent the tempo/pitch?

Check your samplerates!

Thank you svennilenni for the quick response.

That sort of worked. It was set to 96 kHz. Moving it 44.1 kHz did speed it up and raise the pick. What was suppose to be 142 bpm is now 149 bpm. If
I’m to beleave my tuner it’s a 1/2 higher. So I’m closer. What’s the supported sample rate suppose to be?

Found the magic number. 48.

Thank you again