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A previous post (Statistitcs - #4 by steveparker) did mention this in passing.

I would like to know on a flow and/or project basis number of notes, bars, amendments etc for billing purposes. That’s not to say that I charge by the note or articulation but I want to be able to justify my costs.

May I ask how others do this and whether there is likely to be any new function in this area.

Thank you!

It’s not something we’ve done any work on to date, but we know that some copyists do charge by the “frame” (i.e. bar per staff) and that some statistics could be generally useful. I don’t think there’s a practical approach to generating these kinds of statistics at the moment.

I’d be interested to know from users what specific statistics they would find useful to know about.

I’ve never charged by the frame, but I know some users that have. Finale’s “File Statistics” reports frames (one bar of one staff), non-whole rest frames, pages, systems, and measures so I imagine all of those would be useful.

Some other various Finale stats can be found using Document/Data Check/File Maintenance. There used to be a “Count Items” plug-in too but they killed that off a while ago I think.

Project or Flow length (in minutes : seconds) would certainly be helpful. Some sort of per staff range indication could be useful for brass or vocal musicians, especially for the educational market. Perhaps any statistical info regarding fonts would be good too, like number of fonts in use and possibly a list of fonts used in the project. Some Dorico-specific info might be helpful to have listed all in one place, like number of Flows, number (and possibly a list of) Expression Maps in use, number (and possibly a list of) Percussion Maps in use, etc.

If a graphical interface with all this is too much development time, I would think an Export File Info feature that dumps all this info into a .txt file or something could certainly be helpful.


I second these stats! Total measures and frames to me would be the important ones.

Ooohhh… and a list of fonts used. That would be huge.

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Fred beat me to it…

As a long-time Sibelius and Finale user (I’m in remission now, unless my hand is forced by a publisher), I had in mind what both these packages could do. Fred has summed them up above.

Of course, were Dorico’s scripting language more advanced, I’d gladly write my own, as I’m sure would others.

Perhaps I should have asked for scripting and plug ins, rather than stats :wink:

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