Project sync settings vs global sync settings

Howdy! Old to music, new to Cubase. Loving it. Installed it years ago, never used it. Finally got around to it this month. It’s great, Thank you for your service!

Using version 5.1.0.

Pretty much figured out everything I need to start making some groovy stuff, from intuiting, from Google, and from having used another DAW (Sony Acid) in the past. One thing I can’t seem to find anywhere, may be a rookie overlook, but can someone help please?

MY QUESTION: I’m doing a lot of syncing a hardware analog synth’s arpeggiator (Arturia MicroBrute).

I can easily set up sync settings to send clock to the Brute per project, in
'Transport menu>Project Synchronization Setup>MIDI Clock Out>.

But I have to re-set this for every project. Is there a way to do it globally so it’s set in every new project?

Thank you!

Maybe there is a global option, I don’t know since I never use it.
However, you could also just set it up once in an empty project and save that project as a template.

Thank you. That could work if I can’t figure it out otherwise.