Project taking ages to load!

I have this project that takes almost 10 mn to load, it’s just not normal, the project is not particulary huge, ther must be about 18 tracks of audio, plus some VSTi; EZ drummer, Arturia Jupiter 8v, that’s about it, plus all the UAD plugs.
The project is set at 96khz.
I’ll check with others, but I think It’s only with that specific project.
Any idea what could cause that?


Could be a dodgy plugin or combination, or a corrupted project file.

First, hide vstplugin folder & see how it goes.

Try an earlier version or backup…maybe try exporting the project to a new folder.

Something objects to working at 96kHz. My first guess is a VST. If you save a copy out at 48 or 44 does that improve the loading time?


Thanks for your suggestions, the problem seems to have stopped, so I will wait and see if it happens again, then I’ll try saving to a new folder.