Project template with Multi and IRV on

I have created a project template for a Guitar with three voices. I turned on IRV and set up the playback in a single instance of Kontakt on three MIDI channels. Voices are routed to MIDI channel 1, 2 and 3 respectively. I then removed all notes and saved the template file.

When creating a new project using this template, everything is loaded correctly (Kontakt Player with three channels in a single instance, the routing is set up for all three IRV voices, the expression map is correct, voice 1 is allocated and assigned to MIDI channels 1. But when I create notes in voices 2 and 3, the MIDI channel routing for those new voices is set to channel 1 instead of channel 2 and 3.

Is this intentional? If not, then am I missing a step?

If I leave at least one note in each voice and preserve existing flows when saving the template, then it remembers the midi channel routing.

I suspect the issue is that Dorico is removing those empty voices, which it is designed to do. It has a special case of avoiding that for divisi sections with independent voice routing enabled, but it doesn’t do that for single instruments with no divisions.

Actually I did get it working. Maybe I needed quit Dorico before using the template?