project templates...please make them easier

Hi just a small suggestion. Saving your project as a project template seems to be quite a chore…It seems that lots of people want to save their project as a template, but, loads of folks still have problems. It seems that you have to save a copy of your project as a backup, open it delete all the pool files, automation etc and then save it. Just clicking on ‘save as template’ doesn’t do the job. I used to do this until i realised that all my current pool data was being saved in the template, and now I have to save my project with a different name, open it, and delete everything and save as template.
Why can’t the good folks from Steingberg have ‘save as template’ mean just that: saving only the tracks, bus settings, inserts etc etc with no other information. A bit like a blank document with no recorded midi, audio or other information included. After all the default templates open like this.
Cheers for reading

Have you considered all the things you don’t want to save in your template might be items that other folks would want to include in some of their templates?

+1 plus add some save options during the template save process.

Almost no suggestions for the save options :question: Oh well.

Regards :sunglasses: