Project templates

Ok, I give up…
Where do they hide on a mac please ?

I had a quick search & gave up figuring it’s quicker to ask you knowledgeable folk. :smiley:


Hi Jim,

When you search on a Mac, make sure you include system files in the results.

The templates are here:

User>Library>Preferences>Nuendo 5.5>Project Templates

Good luck!


Thankyou Martijn,

I had a look & I’m running Lion 10.4.7

In users, the only subfolder called library, is in the shared folder…
It does not contain ANY Nuendo info.


Thanks for your help


From Lion onwards the Library is hidden. The easiest way to get to it is this: hold down the option key while clicking on Go in the finder menu. You will see it appear in the list.

Thank you so much Martijn,
I would NEVER have found that.


Glad I could help :wink: