Project tempos slow after hardware upgrade

Forgive what may be a naive question, but my in-depth experience with Cubase is quite limited.

I recently upgraded my system from a 2007 Macbook (Mac OS 10.7) with Cubase 6.5.4 Artist to a 2013 Macbook Pro (Mac OS 10.8) with Cubase 6.5.4. I used the Mac OS Migration Assistant to move all of my data files, including all Cubase projects, across to the new system. This seemed to work without a hitch.

Now, strangely, some projects - but not all - appear to playback at something less than full tempo (the ‘45rpm at 33rpm’ effect in case anyone remembers). After some analysis, it appears only to be those projects that had a history of first being laid down under Cubase 4 (ages ago). Recent works started under Cubase 6 or 6.5 appear to playback OK.

Project tempo settings seem to be OK.

Any pointers?

Ahem, further investigation reveals that the driver for my Roland audio interface was not running at 96khz. I did as the Roland release notes suggested - disconnected the UA-25EX and then reinstalled the driver s/w and then restarted - and all seems OK now.

Problem solved, but the whole sample rate switch thing on the UA-25EX is starting to annoy.