Project Time Tracking

Why has no one thought of this?

I’ve been looking for a third party app that automatically tracks the time that I spend in each project, so that I know how much time I’ve spent on a project or how much to Invoice a client.

Imagine Cubase Pro 11 having this feature natively? A clock that automatically starts/continues when the project is open stops when you close it.


Call me cynical, but I wonder how many would open cubase go to the pub for 3 hours come back and close it and add it to the clients bill.

No I get you 100%, but honestly, that’s they’re problem and it will affect badly on themselves. But many people would still just like to know how much time they’ve spent on certain projects etc?

I fear that knowledge might kill me - sometimes ignorance is bliss

+1 for this feature that’s kinda useless but would be cool to see how much time we spent on projects. Also because it wouldn’t actually be that hard to implement such a simple feature, It gets my vote.

Audio Studio Manager is a third party app for Mac.