Project time vs. origin time


Been looking a lot but couldn’t find an answer (totally new to Nuendo I’m afraid, been reading the manual a lot, starting to like lots of things, coming from Logic and Pro Tools). Now I’m doing some testing and experimenting to get familiar with concepts and workflows.

I have set my project start time to 10 hours straight assuming picture is starting there. Working in audio post (VO recording etc.).

My question is why is there a discrepancy between Nuendo’s timecode ruler and the event origin time display once I have recorded audio?
If for example I start recording at the very top, that is 10:00:00:00 and create an audio event the timecode origin in the toolbar displays 20:00:00:00.
To see what happened I checked the resulting audio files’ time stamp (it is BWF) in Audioease Snapper and it is actually 10:00:00:00 (it’s also 10:00:00.00 in the pool).

Just trying to get my head round the concept behind the discrepancy of displays. Shouldn’t the Origin Time be the same as the timestamp?

I can see that all recorded files in this project can be “spotted” (sorry, Pro Tools term) to their original location without problems in Nuendo but still there’s that display offset. I figured that I could get rid of it by starting the project at 00:00:00:00 and have 10 hours of nothing in front of my actual picture start. Would be nice if that could be avoided though, for instance picture might start at 09:59:52:00 and the “offset” in display would be even more awkward.

Could anybody shed some light please?

Many thanks,