Project/Timeline Snap, independent of Editor Snap

A Feature Request, which may have been asked before but considering Tempo and MIDI Ticks determine, when notes are actually sounded or played (notwithstanding Envelopes) but cycling of sections in a project, at least in terms of MIDI compositions, are usually on bar/beat boundaries, it kind of gets annoying having to constantly change snap modes and makes the program far less specific in terms of an established workflow, at least for MIDI programming.

Can you expand on this? I’m confused as to what you are asking for.

Basically, editing of midi data, such as notes is never on the boundary of a beat or bar however, cycling sections of a song, for me at least; always is.

They are already independent, no?

No, they aren’t.

Not at least when you are in the Project Page, as opposed to being in an Editor such as the Key or Drum Editor