Project Timing Feature Request

Greetings my Steinberg friends,

This following request of mine might sound weird…but TRULY…it I EVER had a request for a feature, it’s THIS one.

As you all might know, when movie makers shoot their scenes, they send their “dailies” to “somewhere” so that studios can view how shots are taken on a daily basis…that being said…

In MY case (at least), for many reasons, I cannot charge a client a FIX price per arrangement or composition. I’m talking about individual works such as arranging, say for example “Don’t cry for me Argentina” and NOT an entire film score (in which case I do quote a fixed price). I HAVE to charge on a “per hour” pricing" model as…well for one thing…one 5 minute piece might be simple (harmonically and in voicing (orchestrating)) which could take maybe 3 days…in contrast with another 5 minute work, but which is far more complex and could take perhaps two weeks.

So, what I have been doing about it so far was to SCREEN CAPTURE as I work and send “Dailies” (as unlisted YouTube video) to a client to prove the hours I’m working on a piece.


Will it be possible for you guys (at some convenient time) to either:

  1. Create the ability in Dorico to screen capture my current project with a “big-ish” timer in a corner somewhere and then be given the option (somewhere in the project’s options):
    a) be sent (exported to YouTube) on a daily basis; and or (if the client prefers ONE video as proof)
    b) Dorico joins the “dailies” into ONE video displaying the timer until the end and then exported to YouTube only once the project is completed.

OR (if this is not possible)

  1. Give Dorico the ability to TIME how long it took me to complete the project and then let me print/export PDF a “Project Certificate” displaying the project’s info (like Title, composer etc) AND maybe objects counts (like in Finale) AND the time it took to complete…perhaps “5 Days : 6 Hours : 40 Minutes”.

Naturally, the “Timer Function” should be like a car’s km/miles counter…meaning I (the user) cannot alter the timing sequence thereby cheating the client.

Ok, if nr 1 is too involved, then nr 2 will be great as well because I can still capture the screen if need be…but if Dorico can certify the time it took, I WILL be soooooo grateful. I NEED a “third trusted party” like Dorico to certify to my client that I worked the hours.

Hope this finds your fancy guys!

Best wishes to you all there!

I’m afraid we’re unlikely to be able to work on this in the near future, Hans, but I have made a note of it.