Project Track visibility conf - hiding Vsti Multi-outputs in MixConsole

Hi. I found a great feature, but it doesn’t quite work for me. Let me explain.

I control mixConsole with 16 motorized-faders
Using Track visibility configuration + sync project and MixConsole,
I divided the project into several parts - hiding some tracks and showing others
-Drums, FX
-Vocals etc.
I prefer to work with 16 tracks/faders at once, and switch between configurations.

The problem is when I use VST with multi-outputs
After hiding the track in the project and saving visibility configuration:
NI.Battery(4 outs) track is hidden well in project window but
on MixConsole and faders the remaining 3 outs are still visible.

I tried another way - MixConsole channel visibility configuration(fader groups),
but here’s another problem - when I add a new track to the project, it appears in all MixConsole visibility configurations and has to be manually hidden everywhere again.
Maybe it’s a bug but if Cubase works fine it seems to be very impractical, or I missed option to turn off that behavior.
Do you have any idea how to get around this or solve it better?

After all I own Cubase from 7 to 12 pro and I am very pleased, I see that with each version it works better and better. Thanks to the entire steinberg team for a great job. :slight_smile: