Project Transfer Sequoia 15 -> Nuendo 10: Format of choice?

Hi all,

I have to do 3D mixes from orchestral recordings which have been edited in Sequoia. Thousands of edits across roughly 50 tracks.

Of course I could simply ask for consolidated file exports, but the musical director (and I!) prefer to keep these edits “alive”, in case there’s the need for fine-tuning.

I haven’t used it since years now, but Sequoia should be able to export AAF, as far as I can say. Is there anybody on this board who has first-hand experience with this procedure and willing to share knowledge about the hidden pitfalls? Will fade-shapes stay intact? What about clip-gains?

… or is there an even more preferable way to transfer projects between those two applications? OpenTL, maybe?

Thanks a lot in advance!

If the file format of Sequoia is identical to that of Samplitude, you can use AA Translator.
Or/and you can use AA Translator to solve problems with your AAF or other from Sequoia.


Or EDLtranslate explicit for Sequoia:

Mostly of VIP or EDL will be converted.

And there are a lot of other production features.


Thanks, guys! I know AA Translator (… thinking about it, we even owned a license in a former company, years ago … 8-/ …), but I wasn’t aware of EDLtranslate. Thanks for the hint, Dietrich! I’ll look into it.

Still … is anybody able to share first-hand experience with opening native AAF exports derived from Sequoia in NU10?

I tested with Sequoia v12,
there are no different fade forms, clip names, positive clipgains, markers, muted clips, locked clips, mute state of tracks, project offsets

but it is all present in EDLtranslate convertion

Best Regards

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge - highly appreciated!