"Project Versions" + "Import Mix from Previous Version"

1: Project Save Versions
Save multiple versions of the same project without having to create another project

2: Import Mix Settings from Previous Version
Stuff up your mix but did important edits in the arrangement? Easily import your mix from a previous version.
Or made the arrangement worse but your mix is better? Go back a version and import the mix from your most recent version.

3: Mixer Undo button
Accidentally delete a plugin you shouldn’t have? Made the mix worse? Hit the Mixer Undo button.

4: Import Mix Settings from another song/project
Did you record a full album and use the same instruments? If they are labeled the same way Eg: Snare, Kick, Guitar, you can import your mix settings from one song and those mix settings will be applied to your project. Select the channels you want to import from your other song into the mixer. Now you can mix just one song, work on that one song and have the rest of the songs on the album mixed instantly for you upon the import of the mix settings. Sure the songs will need to be tweaked but you can start at having the song mixed 75% of the way instead of starting at 0% or having to manually load in saved presets for each channel one at a time, it can all be done for you. Not to mention, it is easy to have the same EQ for the vocals and other instruments in your songs which will make mastering easier and improve the sound of an album.

And Steinberg, this are just a few of my ideas, you should hire me to suggest more to you :slight_smile: