Project view editing of Tempo and Time Signature

I do a lot of projects that involve Tempo and Time Signature changes, and it is common for the client to request changes after it is done - changes that involve inserting/deleting measures and moving these sections around (along with their associated tempos and time signatures). My problem is, unlike other musical data, the Tempo and Signature tracks don’t seem to be something I can select within the project screen and slide around the grid (like I do with midi and audio). I need to be able to be able to select a section of music, and slide it left/right across the project screen, and ensure that the tempo and signature are getting moved as well. Can someone please help me understand how to do this?


The Time Signature can be moved to the bars starts only. Tempo events follow the Grid settings, if the Snap is enabled.

Are you saying I can select a section of midi in the project window, and simultaneously select data in the Tempo and Signature tracks, and slide them around as one piece?


Yes, you can.

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