Project view selection of linked channel selects channels linked to it

I’m considering upgrading from 6.5 to 10, but the simple feature of selecting a track that’s linked to another track(s) in the project window automatically selecting all of the linked tracks (and record enabling them) has somehow bafflingly been removed. It works totally as you would expect it to in the mixconsole, and while tracks are linked in the project view I can record enable them and all of the linked tracks will follow, but that means you have to specifically disable record for them if you want to move on to a different set of tracks to record, because selecting another track won’t disarm record mode on the previous ones in that case. I feel like a simple preferences update to turn that behavior on or off would be perfect.

I’d really like to upgrade, as there are some reasonable improvements feature-wise. But this particular problem is a deal-breaker.