Project vs Project?


So create Project and then create another Project. Big “P” little “p”? Why not call the Projects as top folder and Songs (or whatever) inside the folder? Am I missing something? It is kind of having a brother with the same name. No? Where am I wrong here? I know I must be wrong but would be nice to know why. I was brought up to call thing that are the same by the same name but if they are different even by a little then give them another name. Please help to save my sanity!

I suspect everyone finds this logical except me. So explain it using simple terms so I can join your way of thinking.

I can’t really make sense of what you’re saying, but of course each new project should really have it’s own Project folder and unique name.

Aloha V,

The way I see it:
Everytime you open a project in Cubase, it know nothing about the past.

So project #2 does not realize there was a project #1 at all.

Project #3 does not know there was a project # 1 or # 2
and so on and so on.

To follow your example,
Cubase does not know there is a new baby brother born.
It only knows and cares about the current brother.

Cubase is like a mid-wife that just helps with the birth and then
totally forgets about that birth when a new birth comes along.

It’s up to you to name the kids’.

HTH (hope this helps)

That’s got me completely baffled :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I know. But I thought I would give it a shot.
I probably just muddied the waters. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


After further looking at the Cubase filing system Steinberg does make a distinction in Project identification. One is called the Project Folder while the other is called the Cubase Project File with the cpr. I had seen Project but had not read the fine print :blush: to distinguish between them.

To add a little to the confusion on the top left I have “Cubase 6.5” “Project by Vas314” “My New Music.cpr”. Better to read: “Cubase 6.5” – “By Vas314” - “My Album Project” - “My New Music.cpr”

So in my situation I have: Cubase Projects (top folder) below this I have Project Folder and below this I have Cubase Project File and with Cubase open on top left I have Project by Vas314. Project, Project, Project. Project. The English language has no shortage of words that we have to trip over them. They don’t say food, food, food, food. For the sake of clarity they say food, fruit, apple, Gala.

My opinion is to keep the Project Folder label. I still think it would have been better to drop the Cubase Project File label and use Cubase Song or Cubase Piece or Cubase Performance in its place. Oh well!

Sorry for the confusion and for bringing up a barely significant issue and wasting everyone’s time. :blush: