Project vs Wave Sample Rate Mismatch

Is there any way to ensure that one doesn’t insert a wave of say 44.1 into a project whose sample rate is set to 48k. Looking for something that will display a warning if there is a sample rate mismatch

Cubase asks on import. If the wave should be converted to project samplerate.

It didn’t ask me (sad) I had a 44.1k project into which I loaded 44.1k files and the customer asked me why the pitch of the original recording had changed. Is there an option which has to be set so that it asks?

Sorry, previous post should have read I had a 44.1k project into which I loaded a 48k file and received no warning

In preferences in audio import otpions either choose “ask” or “use following settings” where you then have to mark “convert on import”. (All that from memory, not in front of Cubase)

Many thanks svennilenni. Your memory is good. I have found the place and although they have changed the options in 9.5, I believe you have solved the problem.