Project was created by Cubase 1.x -- program cannot load

Cubase 13 Pro, Mac Studio M2 Ultra here, Ventura 13.6.1. Admittedly crashes are uncommon these days but when it does happen I have to resort to the most recent saved file, be it .cpr or .bak.

Sometimes after a crash, if I try to open a .cpr, Cubase tells me a newer backup is available and asks if I want to open it. If I say yes, it says it will be saved and appended with “-01” BUT when I try to open this file I get the “Project XXXXX was created with Cubase 1.x. This program version cannot load it.” error message.

I rarely lose more than 5-15 minutes of work but it’s still annoying.

Are these Cubase 1.x files corrupt or is there any way of opening them and continuing where I left off?


I’m sorry, unfortunately, this means, the project has become corrupted.

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Thanks for confirming Martin


any chance you could upload a working version of a project and describe what happens in the time between loading it and becoming corrupt? Or a project working and its non-working.bak version? Via PM is fine if you want to keep the data confidential.

Project corruption is a serious fault and we want to make sure to know why.
The main reasons are VSTi storing presets in the project file and thus exceeding the max size or saving big corrupted data blobs (AKA containing only ‘0’) in the .cpr file.
Even if we are not in the position of fixing it, we’d like to warn and work with whoever can actually fix it. Thank you!

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Hi @Fabio_B

I’m not sure I understand your request properly but I’m happy to send you files privately if you wish.

Do you mean the latest working version of the project (which is often some time AFTER the initial crash because I’ve gone back to a working version and moved on from there) or the backup file that Cubase suggests I open, but I can’t because it is “created with Cubase 1.x”?


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Ideally, both of them. If you get a backup file you cannot open after working on a good version, and you know it got corrupt when working on a healthy version, comparing the two increases the chances to properly identify what happened.
Hope the files aren’t too much of a hassle… if the bak got corrupt due to size, it will exceed 4GB…