Project will not load

Suddenly got a project that will not load! It gets to loading the snare channel and sometimes the toms before freezing. What is the procedure for getting it to load? I did do a search on this board but got the rather worrying response:

“The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: load project will not.
You must specify at least one word to search for. Each word must consist of at least 3 characters and must not contain more than 14 characters excluding wildcards.”

You could try removing the dll’s concerned from your plugin folder (and out of any Cubase defined path) temporarily - just a guess but its likely to be a plugin.
Once the project loads do the forensics and put the dll’s back. You will of course get messages about missing plugins

Did you do any incremental file saves? I regularly save to different file names just in case. If you have, you could try loading an older file to see if it makes any difference. I got burned when I first started using Cubase and some corrupted file message appeared when it wouldn’t load the project.


Thanks, yes I tried a previous version but same problem. It seems like it is probably a plugin not loading as if I temporarily remove my plugin directory the project loads. I am trying to investigate one by one which plugin it is but it is taking time.

Its doing my head in this. All my plugins seem to be working fine but still the project will not load. I cannot bear the thought I may have lost it for good :frowning: I love Cubase but it needs some bugs sorting, even if it is a dodgy plugin causing the problem Cubase should be able to at least tell me what the problem is and try to load as much of the project as it can rather than hanging. Cubase also never exits for me, I always have to kill it via task manager. Quite fed up.

Ha! solved it. Turned out it was RealStrat. Odd as it works fine in other projects that use it.

Could you describe in detail what you did to fix your problem? I am having the EXACT same problem, except I don’t have RealStrat (don’t think I do, lol). Please see my post.
Much appreciated!

Here on the forum we have petitioned Steinberg many times to add in an official and easy way of ‘safe’ loading a project, for when we have problems, but nothing yet! It’d be nice to be able to load for example with all plugins disabled, or to easily disable/enable plugins.


Well, renaming or moving the entire VSTplugins folder will get rogue projects to load, however it doesn’t solve the problem, as the plugins are part of your arrangement!

Haven’t seen any threads / petitions for this but a “disable all” button in the plugin information panel would do it. I’m sure there used to be something there at one time.

No, indeed, it’s been quite a while, but here we have 3 similar issues all at the same time, and perhaps it was on the old forum that they used to be more common, old versions of Cubase? Anyway hopefully the overall robustness has been increased and these are just unusual cases rather than a sign of things to come.

But may I suggest to Steinberg that the check box on the plugins window actually puts the plugin on the black list rather than simply removing it from the menu - which is what it does now. Multiple selection in the list would then probably do it for most circumstances, enabling us to disable all, or say 1/2 or just a single plugin.