Project Window Cursor has stopped following Markers

I don’t know which control I hit to make this happen. but, the Project Window Cursor has stopped following the markers and the ruler line no longer runs the full length of the screen. It stays in in the ruler track. I’ve checked Preferences, Transport Controls and every other setting I can think of. But I can’t figure out why it’s doing that.

Can you tell me how to get the NORMAL settings back? :confused: :cry:

Also the browser window will not stay on the selected track! I’m trying to automate track 118. After every adjustment there, it jumps to track 46. What is that about? :confused:

Anybody?!!? It is almost impossible to work with NO CURSOR and A FROZEN PROJECT WINDOW and I’m racing the clock on a deadline! Can anyone tell me how to get them working again?

Sure you are not in Edit mode?


I’m not sure of anything at this point. But assuming I am, how do I get out of it. The manual shows dozens of “Edit Modes” and none that I’ve seen, so far, are addressing the cursor sticking inside of the ruler track (NOT extending down through the events on the frozen project grid.) or the frozen project window (that doesn’t move to the locate points selected from the marker.)

I think it’s “Use Video Follows Edit Mode” in the manual. It’s in the transport menu and can be linked to a key command I think.

Thanks a lot!! :nerd: I had to finish the project in version 8 to make my deadline. :frowning: I will definitely store this info in my notes, so as not to ever have a repeat of this event! :laughing: Thanks again!