Project window feezes when switching between many windows

I have a strange problem. Sometimes when I do a lot of windows switching or expose on mac X 10.6.5 my project window freezes completly. Program is still responding project cursor folows the song but project window stays freeze, I’m not able to switch anything on or off inside project window. Mixer window is working but project not. Anyone have the same problem? The only way to back to work is restarting the session.

I’m on Cubase 5.2.2.


No one has this paticular problem? Just updated to 5.5.3 OS X 10.6.7 and problem still exists :frowning: And after this update VST plugin presets still not working even in Cubase 6.

The project window freezing I know it, but more general from cubase. sometimes it just hangs (and on my mac there’s a 80% chance that it crashes afterwards. Don’t have a clou what’s causing this. It’s quite irregularly hapening…

Concerning VST plugin presets and/or OSX 10.6.7 I have also made two threads:
wrong or missing VST presets
–> another hint is check the Media bay if all the folder locations are set there…

OSX 10.6.7
I downgraded meanwhile to 10.6.6 (perhaps if i reupgrade now it works, but the process takes too much time to just give it a go…

Finaly found the solution!!! I’ve simply removed all files from previous instalation and preferences. After that I’ve instaled everything from scratch and now Cubase 5.5.3 works perfect on Mac X 10.6.8

regards. Pablo