Project Window has stopped following Locate points

My project window has stopped following my locate points. Before, I could punch in a locate point and my screen would jump to that spot. Now, it won’t jump to that spot unless I hit play. How do I get it back to jumping to the marker point when it’s NOT playing? I didn’t see anything in preferences that addressed this question. Where else should I look?

Where / how are you doing that? Marker points or something else?

scrolling ?
edit mode ??

I would just hit a number in the keypad section and it would jump to that spot in the project window. Or, I could type in a specific measure number and it would jump to that location. I could do this with either the QWERTY keyboard, the number pad on my Transport or the Locate markers page on my MC Control.

Now, after selecting the synch button in the Marker window, I’m only getting partial compliance. Locate points 3 - 9 will jump. Locate points 1:Start and 2:End will not jump unless I hit play.

“BINGO!!” It was Edit Mode. Thanks a lot! :smiley: