Project window is missing?!

I loaded up a project today and for some reason the project window is nowhere to be found. I’ve attempted to restore it from the various options in the “Windows” drop down menu but nothing’s working. I’m still able to open my MIxconsole window and the project still plays when I hit the space bar so it’s clearly open in some way, but I can’t see it!

If anyone has any ideas I’d really appreciate the help.

Can you still see the entry for the project window in the “Windows” drop down menu?

Create a workspace in another project the call it up in the affected one.

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This worked! Thank you for the assist

No nothing was there unless I opened up the mixconsole. Silhouette’s response fixed it though! None the less, thank you for your response.

My pleasure. It has happened to me. Actually the window was off the screen and I could not grab it and this was the only way I could think of getting it back. I’ve got in the habit of creating and using workspaces, so that when things get disorganised I can instantly create order!!