Project Window Mediabay: How to browse folders?

Is it possible to browse folders in the Mediabay which sits in the “Racks”-pane of the Project Window?

I use the “stand-alone”-window of the Mediabay very often, and I know the way there to browse folders in Defined Locations without adding them to a Browse Location Definition, but the pane-version in the Project Window seems to miss this option? It looks like one has to search (and scan) an entire directory in order to find a particular file?

Most SFX-libraries come in a main directory which is divided into tens or sometimes hundreds of sub-folders which I do not want to be scanned all the time when searching for sounds…

Am I overlooking something?
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Not that I know of. That’s why I don’t use Mediabay. Mac’s OS browser is better. I also use AudioFinder quite a bit for SFX searches.

If the browse-location of the “standalone” Mediabay could somehow be synced or mirrored with Mediabays’ browse-location in the Project Window’s Racks , then I could see some valuable advantages, but now that one has to scan an entire directory if one needs some a simple file from a folder within that directory I can’t see why the Mediabay in the Project Window’s Racks could be useful?

@ Steinberg; maybe you could implement mirroring between these 2 Mediabay browse-locations?
I’ll post a Feature Request.

Niek/ Amsterdam.