Project window missing

Hi, I’m using cubase12(12.07) in win11. When I open a project there’s no project window. I can open the mixconsole and the Transport panel. I can play the project. When I bring up the window panel there’s nothing. Can anyone help me thank you~

does this happen with just one project or all?
Have you tried “Window Menu->Windows…” “Bring to front”?

Has anyone found a solution?


In the past, this happened when opening a Sequel project, if I remember right.

The solution is to call any Workspace. You can make s Global Workspace, or you can call just the default one.

It happens no matter how many projects are opened. I’ve tried Window Menu->Windows->Bring to front. The project window is not there.

You may be experiencing the following problem: The program window (with the main bar) and the project window may be two separate entities. If you click on the Cubase logo at the bottom of the taskbar, you can make the program window visible. (You may have to click more than once.) Or you can press Tab + ALT to bring the window to the front.

I’ve tried Tab + ALT but the project window is not there. It seems like is not about visibility.

I’ve solved the problem by reinstalling windows. Since reinstall cubase doesn’t work. Still don’t know what’s causing the problem. thanks a lot for everyone that replied.