Project window separator frozen with working spaces?

Hi all,

Don’t know if this is a bug, or whether I’m missing something. When I split the project window into two, I am able to move the separator up and down in order to adjust what becomes visible. However, if I store this as a working space, when I reopen this working space, the separator is frozen and I can no longer move it. Even unlocking the working space doesn’t help here. Is this a confirmed bug?


Just tried it, created a new workspace with a divided track list, toggled between the Main workspace and the new one a few times. The separator kept working fine.

Is this a particular project or have you noticed it in all projects?

Maybe a step by step repro would be useful?


Ok, problem solved. The separator is simply much too thin on my laptop with high resolution, I was not grabbing it properly. Have to go there really slowly with the mouse pointer and grab it, then it works.